Radio Interview in Oz

During my stay in Oz I was interviewed about the role of Religious Education on the ABC network. I think it's the Oz equivalent of the BBC. The interview lasts about 30 minutes and was broadcast all over Oz. I couldn't resist mentioning the recent Ashes victory. A bit naughty.

For those who would like to listen go to the ABC Local website.


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Thanks, Mark, really enjoyed that.

Interesting to hear you describe consumerism as a worldview in which everything is reduced to the economic. I can begin to see that making sense. Consumerism = consumption (vs production) = handling resources = economic. And then everything becomes a resource for me to consume.

I was reflecting on consumerism the other week and found myself thinking that a consumerist is someone who sees themselves as fundamentally a feeling-thing. In other words, that consumerism is reducing everything to the sensory. Here’s what I wrote:

I'd be very interested in your comments. Maybe there is some synthesis – under consumerism, I am reduced to a sensory thing, and everything else is reduced to economics, resources for me to consume to satisfy my sensory longings? Or under consumerism, everything is reduced to the economic, but things are given their value based on my sensory longings?


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