Green Pastures and the BBC

Green Pastures is a wonderful kingdom structure but it isn't all plain sailing!

The kingdom of God is here but not fully here. Consider some of the obstacles and frustrations. Sometimes the project has to deal with tenants who take liberties on a sustained and exhausting pattern. We're talking tenants who wreck properties and cause mayhem. Sometimes Vicki and Pastor Pete have to embrace tough love and ask people to leave. Some people abuse the project's kindness and Christian generosity. They have to go!

We should also notice that the media take liberties as well. Study carefully how the BBC reports on the story and you will encounter the all-pervasive editing out of the Christian basis to the work. The BBC is very good at doing this rewriting of 'charity work'. In a recent article the BBC manages to convey that pastor Pete is really a loving humanist/atheist!


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I like the BBC article on this – it could be a lot worse! I see what you mean about editing out some of the real Christian motivation – but they don't hide the fact that he's "Pastor Pete". In an ideal world, do you think they might have ended with something like the quote from Jesus in the Nazareth synagogue, "the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to bind up the broken-hearted…"?

Richard – you are probably right about this. They do mention he's a pastor but if you heard Pastor Pete speaking they do screen out his clear Christian faith.

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